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Team Salinity has been featured in a few news outlets. We've curated and compiled the interviews on this page for your convenience.
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Featured Articles

September 2019

Space Apps 2019: Be Creative with NASA Data From Earth to Moon and Stars

CTV News
March 8, 2019

From 'little idea' to NASA award: Ont. developers convert satellite imagery into beautiful sounds

Go Geomatics Canada
March 18, 2019

What does the land have to say?

"Connecting people around the world through music… that’s really the goal, to have everyone enjoy what we create."

Colin Tuen Muk in CTV News
University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment
March 8, 2019

Faculty of Environment student team wins NASA’s global 2018 International Space Apps Challenge for “Most Inspirational” project

University of Waterloo
President's Accolades
March 2019

UWaterloo students win NASA Award

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Presented on July 22nd 2019 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, this 6 minute presentation was cut from the Space Apps Challenge livestream on Facebook, where two of the four members of Salinity (Alex and Janet) pitched SongSAT as the winning project for Most Inspirational.

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CTV News Kitchener

Aired on March 7th 2019 on the 6PM news, this brief 2 minute video clip showcases three of the four members of Salinity (Alex, Colin, and Corina), as well as a visually impaired local musician (Nichole Robertson) and her reaction to SongSAT.

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AM 570 News Tech Spotlight

Aired on December 11th 2018 on the show Tech Spotlight, this 15 minute live radio show features Alex going a bit in depth of how SongSAT works in a casual one on one chat with the host of Tech Spotlight, Brian Bourke.

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